I'm a wife. I'm a mama. I'm an artist. I've spent my life designing and creating all while pursuing a career in business and finance. In school I studied architecture, design, and business. I love numbers, but I love art. I used to think my mom was crazy when she would tell me that there is art in numbers.  Isn't it funny how the older we get, the more right our moms are?

I love light and color and simplicity.  Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing you smile. And those first few moments and days of life.  Breathtaking, aren't they? What will the world be like in 5, 10, or 100 years? Crazy to think that some of us will never know.

I live for road trips and last minute adventures.  Booking a flight but not a hotel, figuring it out on the ground, on the fly.  Everywhere I travel, I always wish I could stay longer.  I've been to all fifty states and want to do it all over again.

Every day is an adventure, and we only get one life. Make it a great one. Let's capture the memories to share with generations to come.

xoxo, erin


photo credit: drew b photography