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oh hey, ojai.

Ojai. It’s a little slice of heaven. Before moving to LA, I had only heard about Ojai on Brothers & Sisters. Remember that show? Rob Lowe, Sally Field. I don’t know why I love it, but I do. I love Ojai even more.

Nestled in the hills just inland from Santa Barbara and only two hours, give or take, from LA, the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is a breath of fresh air. Literally. People ask us what we do up there, and I just can’t explain it. The weather, the food, the pool, the light, everything always seems perfect.  We spent a New Years there, we got engaged there, escaped for a mini-moon immediately following our wedding. It holds a very special place in our hearts. We finally got to return with the kids, and somehow it was even more amazing.

Kenzie was particularly enamored with Casper and Annie, the resident Australian Cockatoo and African Grey Parrot and can’t stop talking about them. Much like how Annie can’t stop talking. Hopefully we get back again soon.