When my friend Lauren asked if I was free at the end of October, I quickly replied yes.  She was my sidekick and better half for the two years I spent in Boston. All thanks to her brother, my b-school classmate, who insisted that we meet.  She is one of the most fun, funny, genuine and warm-hearted friends you can know in life.  We are very much alike in that both of us are a bit reserved when meeting new people. So it took a few tries by her brother to kick things off before we were almost inseparable, especially when it came to drinking through our beer cards at Parish Cafe.

So when she asks if I'm busy, I'll pretty much clear my calendar to see her. Turns out she was getting married. Not in her current city and hometown of Chicago, but in Santa Fe, NM. Always up for an adventure, I quickly booked tickets for the family. My mom is obsessed with Santa Fe, so she quickly booked a ticket as well.  Now I know why.

Lauren & Josh chose the perfect time of year for their vows.  It was fall on the plaza - crisp, cool air, beautiful blue skies, and breathtaking foliage, all at 7,500' elevation. If you have the opportunity, take the trip.