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cole carter

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture to Instagram of the first set of photos that I was mailing out from a newborn session.  My cousin's good friend, Blair, saw the photo and reached out to see if I could do her newborn pictures.  She was due in less than a week.  Of course I would love to document such a precious time for such a dear friend.

Blair and I met a few years ago. We were both going to be bridesmaids in my cousin's wedding and knew of each other but had not yet met. A month or so before the wedding, I was working at Simmzy's {aka delicious} and in walks a blonde asking for quarters. I look at her and say "Blair?" She looks at me and says "OMG, Erin?" We squealed and hugged and our friends and co-workers looked on in confusion, "Wait, you two have never met?"  Clearly we were meant to know each other.

For Cole's newborn session, we spent a sunny Sunday in their beautiful home full of dreamy light.  Blair and her husband Amir are such a warm and loving couple who know how to enjoy life, and Cole is a very lucky little man to join such a wonderful family.

Introducing Cole Carter, at five days old.  Handsome little heart-breaker.



tater tot

Tater tot. I'm whisked away to 1986. Who didn't love a good tater tot casserole as a kid? Ore-Ida tots baked to a perfect crisp, over top of a delicious mixture of ground meat and cream-of-something-soup. No veggies, no problem.

Back to 2014. We're talking about sweet, handsome Tate, affectionately called Tater Tot by his parents.  He was almost four weeks old for our session, just barely sleepy enough to let me get some fun poses.

I love crying pics. I want one of every baby. My husband doesn't think these shots are sweet enough for newborns. But babies are only this tiny and vulnerable for a split second of their lifetimes.  While they may cry for hours now, and new parents will do anything to soothe the tears, I already miss seeing this raw emotion from our kids, who really aren't that old yet.

Welcome to the world Tate.  The fun has just begun.



just max

This guy was the reason I finally invested in my camera.  I want to capture these moments as art, not just iPhone snapshots.  Don’t get me wrong, iPhone snaps can be fab, but a real camera captures a whole different perspective on real life. As a promise to myself to capture these moments and to reconnect with my creative side, I grabbed my camera to document one of Max’s favorite things: eating.

He’s an easy little man, but an intense little kid.  It’s so hard to describe, maybe it’s just being a boy.  He eats hard, he sleeps hard.  And he wants to do both on a regular and consistent schedule.  Just like his papa, I suppose.  His whole body tenses up when he eats, knees up, feet in, and chubby little fists gripping whatever the food source.  He is all in.



little layla

A ridiculous number of my friends in LA are having babies in the next few months. At least one baby per month. Craziness. After dreaming of the Canon 5D for ages, I finally mustered up the courage to order it a week before my son was born this past February. A day or two after placing my order, the store called and said that I purchased the imported version and asked if that was really what I wanted. I had no idea what they were talking about, and they conveniently called while I was in the car on the way to the hospital. To give birth! So I panicked and cancelled the order. It took me almost six months to finally get the courage to order it again, hopefully knowing what I was doing the second time around. Then it took another month just to open the box. I hedge.  A lot.

Anyways, since all of my friends are having babies, it kind of seems like a sign that I should get my act together and start taking pictures like I used to so very long ago, pre-digital. Yeah, the 90s. Take that, Millennials.

First up? Baby Layla. She was already 7 weeks, so not exactly newborn, and not exactly sleepy or easy to position. She was also not in the mood to be unswaddled. But we had fun, and it was great practice. Her bedroom rug? Deliciousness. Shades of pinks and yellows in a chic shag rug. The kind of textures every photographer wants. I want one!  Except I have no space to keep it.

The lighting in her room was creamy and perfect, and her mama exudes gorgeousness without even trying. Introducing little Layla.