A ridiculous number of my friends in LA are having babies in the next few months. At least one baby per month. Craziness. After dreaming of the Canon 5D for ages, I finally mustered up the courage to order it a week before my son was born this past February. A day or two after placing my order, the store called and said that I purchased the imported version and asked if that was really what I wanted. I had no idea what they were talking about, and they conveniently called while I was in the car on the way to the hospital. To give birth! So I panicked and cancelled the order. It took me almost six months to finally get the courage to order it again, hopefully knowing what I was doing the second time around. Then it took another month just to open the box. I hedge.  A lot.

Anyways, since all of my friends are having babies, it kind of seems like a sign that I should get my act together and start taking pictures like I used to so very long ago, pre-digital. Yeah, the 90s. Take that, Millennials.

First up? Baby Layla. She was already 7 weeks, so not exactly newborn, and not exactly sleepy or easy to position. She was also not in the mood to be unswaddled. But we had fun, and it was great practice. Her bedroom rug? Deliciousness. Shades of pinks and yellows in a chic shag rug. The kind of textures every photographer wants. I want one!  Except I have no space to keep it.

The lighting in her room was creamy and perfect, and her mama exudes gorgeousness without even trying. Introducing little Layla.